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Vyoma Samskrita Seva at USA: 2024

The Vyoma Sanskrit Brothers (VSB) are embarking on a journey across few locations in the USA from May 23rd, 2024, to July 16th, 2024.

Their mission is to share their experiences of Rama-Bhakti, the power of Ramopasana, and the absolute relevance of Rama-rajya in the world.

Why this tour ? किमर्थम् एषः प्रवासः

Ramayanam is the perfect manual which has answers for all questions in our life and workspace. Internalising Rama-tattva in our lives, will show us the best way to balance the 4-purpose life-goals namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Through this seva-yatra, Vyoma Brothers want to:


रामतत्त्वज्ञानम् |

Share their experiences of Rama-Bhakti, the power of Ramopasana, and the absolute relevance of Rama-rajya in the world.


सेवाव्रतिनाम् आह्वानम् |

Discuss Vyoma’s Samskrita-Samskriti-Samskara initiatives and request help from like-minded volunteers.


संस्कृतनिधिसमर्पणम् |

Share opportunities to donate for a genuine cause which can impact entire mankind.

What we cover during the Vyoma Sanskrit Tour ?

01. Parayanam: Chanting entire or selected parts of Valmiki Ramayanam:

When the Paramatma took avatar as Rama, Vedas incarnated as Ramayana.
“By listening to this highly meaningful and auspicious composition, a person gets family prosperity, augmentation in money and grain, superior people, exquisite happiness and accomplishment of one’s objectives. Regular listening leads to long life, intelligence, purity, fame, health, wisdom, friendliness, and vitality.”
– Valmiki Ramayana: 6.131.124 & 125

|| प्राप्नोति सर्वां भुवि चार्थसिद्धिम् ||

Opportunities for Parayanam include Full Ramayanam over 9 days, SundaraKandam over 1 day (6+hrs), or important sargas (as per time availability)

02. Upanyasam: Spiritual discourses based on intricate principles from Ramayana

ते प्रार्थितान् वरान् सर्वान् प्राप्नुवन्तीह राघवात् ।
श्रवणेन सुराः सर्वे प्रीयन्ते सम्प्रशृण्वताम् ।।6.131.115।।
रामायणस्य श्रवणे तुष्यन्ति पितरः सदा |

“Those who listen to Ramayana with devotion, obtain all boons here in this world. All Gods are pleased. Our ancestors are worshipped and satisfied.” ।।6.131.123।।

Opportunities for discourses include: Kandawise summary or specific Kandas or sargas or Mahamantras from Ramayana or Rama-Nama-Mahima or relevance of Rama-Gunas, Rama-rajya, Rama-bhakthi in today’s world or any other specific topic of interest.

03. Lectures: Practical Management Lessons from Ramayana for today’s workforce

कामार्थगुणसंयुक्तं धर्मार्थगुणविस्तरम् ।
समुद्रमिव रत्नाढ्यं सर्वश्रुतिमनोहरम् ।।1.3.8।।
धर्मकामार्थसहितं श्रोतव्यमनसूयया ।।1.5.4।।

“Ramayana is an ocean which has countless gems of all types for all aspirants. Practical knowledge on Dharma, Artha and Kama are useful for today’s corporate workforce and youth.”

Opportunities for lectures include: Power of Sanskrit, Management principles in Ramayana, Better life management secrets from Ramayana, Rama-mandir to Ramarajya, Solutions to daily work and life problems from Ramayana, or any other special topics of interest”

04. Chanting: Learn to chant and understand basic meanings of shlokas

Accurate pronunciation and reading of the Ramayana has physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

पूजयंश्च पठंश्चैवम् इतिहासं पुरातनम् ।।6.131.117।।
सर्वपापैः प्रमुच्येत दीर्घमायुः अवाप्नुयात् ।

“One who reads the Ramayana with devotion and in the prescribed manner, gets liberated of all sings and obtains long and happy life.”

Opportunities for chanting include: Sankshepa-Ramayanam, Aditya-Hridayam, Gayatri-Ramayanam, Dhyana-shlokas, Mangala-shlokas, or any other special topics of interest.”

05. Activities for Children: Ramayana and Sanskrit based activities

“When we learn, we listen; when we do, we actually learn”

Rama-nama chitralekhanam, Ramayana-chitra-katha, Naatakam, Bhajans, Quiz, Songs and other activities for children, help inculcate deep love and devotion to Rama and develop eternal Dharmic values

Please “Click Here” to watch a few of the lectures and upanyasam done in the USA in 2018.

Want us to visit your place ?

If you want to organize any of the above exciting activities in and around your neighborhood, please update the contact form or contact us through email or phone.